After Action Responders Forum Branding

Communications DirectorGabrielle Tuomisto

CopywriterMadison Maki

Project ManagerBruno D’Angelo

Senior DesignerFarida Habibulla

Emerging Stronger: After Action Responders Forum logo over a photo of firefighters controlling a fire with a dark red colour overlay.


The After Actions Responders Forum was the first inaugural forum hosted by the Northwestern Ontario Emergency Management Working Group (NOEMWG) for Emergency Management Coordinators (EMCs) and Social Emergency Management Coordinators (SEMCs) to connect, share their knowledge & experiences, and plan for better management of future emergencies. At TAG, we were tasked with developing the forum from the ground up. My main task was developing the brand & art direction for all of the collateral for the event.

A poster made to advertise the After Action Responders Forum.


I first researched the roles of EMCs & SEMCs, how they differ, and how they overlap. I also discussed the target market with the team for better clarity on objectives. I then brainstormed names & themes with the team. From that session came the theme “Emerging Stronger,” which ended up being used in branding as the name for the event, with a subtheme of “Learn, Share, Prepare,” and the event descriptor being the “After Actions Responders Forum.”

A hand holding an iPhone with Instagram showing a post advertising the After Action Responders Forum.

Design Process

The idea that pushed the visual direction was strength & persistence in the face of danger. With the name & theme in place, I went into thumbnailing logos. I wanted to logo to be type-heavy with minimal supporting elements in order to drive the theme with the characteristics of the type. I landed on the final logo which speaks to foundational strength in times of need. This was supported by colour palette and imagery. Off-the-grid text elements and photos bleeding off of single edges were used to signify the disruption that EMCs and SEMCs create to emergencies in order to keep their communities safe. These were presented to the client who loved the concept.

Nametags designed for the After Action Responders Forum.


The deliverables I created were social graphics, name tags, handbooks, posters, imagery for registration pages, letterhead templates, a stage backdrop, and a final debrief report. Other team members worked on the directional signage and podium graphics. Minus the debrief report, these all attracted EMCs and SEMCs to the event to learn, share, and prepare for future emergencies, as well as keeping them interested in the event as they were there. The debrief report gave the working group a rundown of the event, its results, and its feedback.

Handbooks for the After Action Responders Forum laid out on a table and shot with low depth of field.


Registration, attendance, and feedback for the event exceeded the working group's expectations so much so that they asked TAG to rebrand their organization and organize a second forum.

A backdrop for the After Action Responders Forum mainstage.The executive summary spread in the debrief report for the After Action Responders Forum.

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