Carmico Brand Revamp

IllustratorSelina Muriel

Carmico's logo on a dark background surrounded by moon & star iconography and the brand's colour palette in organic shapes in each corner.


Carmico is an indie fashion brand that prides itself on creating whimsical, fun, and unique fashion pieces. Their main inspiration comes from nature, astrology, and geek culture, to provide their audience with clothing ranging from casual to business casual that honestly represents themselves. I was tasked with a brand revamp for their company to create more cohesion in their visual communication. They were looking for a more authentic, more concise, professional identity system that spoke to the brand’s core values and an update to their logotype, which, at the time, was just a typeface they found on Adobe Fonts.

A comparison between Carmico's old logo on the left and their new logo on the right.


The first steps were interviewing the client about their current target market, their competitors, and their differentiation factors. With this knowledge, I researched the competition, researched the current brand, researched the market via the brand's social media streams, and created stylescapes with this information in mind, to pinpoint brand values and a general aesthetic direction. Presenting these to the client helped narrow down and refine the direction before going into concept development.

Carmico's colour palette, with the primary colours on the left and the secondary on the right.

Design Process

Once stylescaping was finished, I went into modifying the agreed upon typeface from that process to really make the logotype unique to the brand while paying homage to what was built before it. This included various typographic modifications & additions to aid in recognition, originality, and efficiency. The moon icon was also extracted from the o to use as a secondary mark. I also worked on updating their palette to tie in aspects of nature & astronomy that the company's products depict, which was sent through an AODA colour contrast analysis tool. Once finished, I presented this all to the client in a document illustrating to them how I modified the original typeface to get to their logotype which was coloured in their final palette.

A slideshow illustrating all of the changes from the base typeface to Carmico's custom logotype.


The final deliverables given to the client were the flat logotype in all brand colours & formats as required, an arched logotype with the same treatment for embroidery on caps, the moon icon with the same treatment, social media icons, business card files, letterhead files, and the brand identity manual, which depicted usage guidelines for all assets provided, colour & typographic palettes, illustration & photography guidelines, and a brief explanation of the brand and its intended voice. This all brought the brand the desired cohesion & professionalism the client was looking for.

Carmico's logo system on a green background.


The client was thrilled with the work done. Implementation of the identity system was done immediately, starting with their website and Instagram stories. Since implementation, the client told me that their audience feels that the cohesion & approachability of the brand is a lot better and much less sterile & makeshift than the last identity system, and their brand perception has become much more positive. They have also been able to purchase a larger warehouse and hire on more staff.

A concept showing Carmico's arched logo embroidered over the back of a cap.Four icons on a yellow background made for Carmico to use seasonally for their social media.Stationery created for CarmicoCarmico's identity manual's cover on a green background.Carmico's brand identity manual opened to the "about the brand" section with the cover leaning against a wall.

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