Future Punk Branding

Future Punk's logo on a dark background with a subtle warped grid.


Future Punk is a streamer on Twitch whose content focuses on cyberpunk-style games, music, and movies. He approached me to create an impactful & professional identity system for his streams and social advertising as an up-and-coming content creator in a niche market.

A document presenting Future Punk's market persona.


My first steps were to study cyberpunk as a genre, style, and movement, and the core concepts behind it all. I asked the client for information, who sent me multiple documentaries on the subject as well as discussing it with me thoroughly. All of this told me that cyberpunk is a dystopian view on the future, summed up with the concept of "high tech, low life." With this in mind, I did market research on the general cyberpunk audience and what would resonate with them. I then made a market persona to aim communication material toward.

Zine concept for Future Punk, showcasing their tagline, "embrace abnormality"

Design Process

Thumbnailing for a distinct icon started once research was done. This concept focused on a birds-eye-view of a futuristic space station, inspired by spacecraft & satellites often seen in cyberpunk media. The palette took inspiration from the unnatural, inhuman themes in movies & films. The logo's modified typeface complemented both of these ideas with its modular-like tech-focused modifications. I also found an OCR-compliant typeface to use for headers to push the message. I felt that this direction would be aided best with a community-building, self-accepting voice. This concept was presented with two others, and the client immediately loved this one.

Social graphics created for Future Punk sitting next to an iPhone.


The final deliverables were the logo in all layouts (lockup, wordmark, icon), colours, and file formats necessary, social media icons & banners, six graphics for Instagram, and a brand identity guide, which laid out brand voice, logo usage, colour & type palettes, and photography & imagery guidelines. This all came together to create an identity system with the impact & professionalism the client was seeking.

Social branding for Future Punk on YouTube, presented on desktop.


The client was quite excited with the work the whole way through the process, saying that the research & imagery was spot on for what the brand needed. Since creating the identity system back in February of last year, Future Punk has amassed 200 Twitch followers from 0 and is continuing to grow.

Future Punk's identity manual's cover sitting in a corner.Future Punk's brand identity manual opened to the "colour palette" and "photography" sections with the cover leaning against a wall.

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