Mr. Biffer Branding

Merchandise concept for Mr. Biffer, showcasing a snapback, t-shirt, and canvas shoe with Mr. Biffer's branding, all laying on a concrete background and shot at an overhead angle.


Mr. Biffer is a streamer on Twitch whose primary goal is capturing that comforting, nostalgic feeling of hanging out with your older brother. He came to me asking to create a new, more professional identity system for his streams, as what he was using, mainly a picture of his face and fonts & colours he liked, lacked direction & focus, which he felt was hindering his growth.

Mr. Biffer's logo process from sketch to final.


I went into market analysis and looked at other streamers in the same space and looked into the demographics to find consistencies. With this information, I created a market persona to point the brand direction & messaging toward. I also created a mood board of competitor logos and visuals that help portray the same feeling of the identity Mr. Biffer was looking for. The client gave me insight on their character "Mr. Biffer," which was taken into consideration when developing concepts.

A document presenting Mr. Biffer's market persona.

Design Process

I started with sketching out thumbnails for an icon and the general logotype. One of the three I landed on was a cartoon-ish meat slab in the shape of a b. The client loved it, so I developed the identity system around that while incorporating the brand's values and the target's expectations. I paired the icon with a matching lowercase sans serif typeface to push the approachability and casual-nature of the brand while tying in a monochromatic primary palette to complement the tones of the b. All three were presented to the client, who reviewed with colleagues, friends, and family, who all unanimously agreed on this direction.

Mr. Biffer's logo lockup on a light background.


The deliverables I provided the client were the logo in all its layout variants (lockup, wordmark, icon), colour variants, and file formats, social media icons & banners, Twitch emotes, and a brand identity guide which laid out general information about the brand voice & values, market persona, logo usage, colour & type palettes, and photography & imagery guidelines. These all aided in giving the client much more focus & direction in their brand, both visually and as an entertainer, while providing a much more professional and well thought-out image.

Mr. Biffer's icon on a dark background.


Since finishing the project, the client has grown their Twitch following by 500%. His streams have felt much more purposeful and intended. A few months after the project was finished, he told me "your amazing design has helped my channel in ways I'm even now still discovering."

Mr. Biffer's visual idenity guide cover.Mr. Biffer's visual identity guide inner spread.Mr. Biffer's social media branding on desktop.Mr. Biffer's social media branding on mobile.T-shirt concept for Mr. Biffer with their icon in a pattern.

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